RetroPie System - 32 GB

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    Introducing RetroPie, an all-in-one retro gaming solution. No more changing out systems, messing with cables, or huge piles of cartridges to sift through (not that we don't love that too). Plug and play out of the box, and comes with everything you need to start playing your favourite classics.

    • HDMI and pixel-shaders make vintage classics look fresh on your HDTV
    • Bluetooth on-board for wireless controller support (sold separately)
    • Space for tens of thousands of titles spanning decades of gaming history*
    • Includes 2 SNES-style wired controllers, power/HDMI cable, and 32 GB SD card**

      *This system does not include any copyright protected material. Price is for hardware and configuration of base operating system. You should only play backups of games you physically own. RetroPlay Games assumes no liability for any repercussions cause by unauthorized use.

      **Case and other included accessories may differ from what is shown

    - $159.99

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